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Most often, a house move can be overwhelming. However, there are ways to make this task much simpler. Here are some helpful tips to make your house move stress-free.

Let’s face it, moving to a new place can be one of the most exciting experiences for you and your family. It offers a fresh start, new opportunities, and the chance to transform your new place into your own. But unfortunately, it can still feel overwhelming at times.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid these stressful circumstances. Start by carefully choosing a moving date. Then, select a trustworthy removal service ahead of time. Don’t forget to keep your moving house checklist on hand so you’re always on the right track!

Here are the top helpful tips to make your move stress-free.

Choose a Removal Service Company Ahead of Time

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No matter when you plan to move, you may find it challenging to book on a specific date. Typically, people prefer to move during bank holidays, school holidays, or weekends for extra time. To avoid any issues, try booking a removal service well in advance. If possible, opt for a midweek or less popular date, which may also be more cost-effective.

Selecting a removal service company may seem simpler than other decisions, but it’s crucial to choose professionals. Understanding removal costs in advance can help manage expectations. However, resist the temptation to choose solely based on price; a professional removal service ensures the safety of your belongings during transit.

Read reviews from previous clients, confirm what’s included in your removal quote, and consider requesting an evaluation. This involves the removal company sending someone to assess the volume of your belongings, ensuring they provide an appropriately sized van and adequate staff on moving day.

Create a House Moving Checklist

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Planning a move can feel overwhelming, especially when life continues alongside your moving plans. However, you can alleviate this stress by creating a checklist of everything you need to do, along with an estimated timeline. Avoid leaving your preparations until just a week before your move, if possible.

Remove Clutter from Your Home

It’s essential to declutter your home in advance of your move. Clearing out unnecessary items can save you time, money, and stress. Consider recycling, donating, or discarding items you no longer need to reduce the volume of belongings you’ll be moving. With fewer items to transport, you’ll require a smaller van and fewer movers. This means less time and money spent on your removal, as well as fewer boxes to purchase.

Transporting only what you need is one of the simplest ways to save money on your move. Dispose of unnecessary items to avoid paying for their transport. You could even earn some extra cash by selling these items online using platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Have A Packing Plan

Packing can sometimes take longer than you imagine, so it’s best to start early. Once you’ve cleared away items you no longer need, begin packing. It’s advisable to start with rooms that are used less frequently. After packing these rooms, you can use them to store filled boxes, minimizing disruptions to your daily life and allowing you to accomplish more.

When labeling boxes, it may be tempting to simply summarize the contents on the top, such as “kitchen stuff.” However, this can make it challenging to prioritize unpacking. It’s best to label boxes according to the room where they’ll be used in your new home, and create a list of their contents. You’ll appreciate not having to open numerous boxes labeled “kitchen” when searching for plates.

Avoid overpacking boxes. While it’s tempting to fill them up, using larger boxes for lighter items and smaller boxes for heavy items is advisable. This reduces the risk of boxes breaking apart while being carried and helps prevent damage to your belongings.

Consider The Things That You Can’t Move

Hiring Packing Professionals for a Hassle-Free Move

Keep in mind that there are items that removal service companies can’t transport. For example, chemicals, paints, plants with soil, and any hazardous materials are typically prohibited. You can donate paint to charity to prevent waste. If you’re unwilling to leave your plants behind, you could remove some soil, pack the pot with plastic, and transport it in your car.

It’s also crucial to consider the safety of your removal personnel concerning the items being moved and the weight of your boxes. For instance, if you’re packing garden equipment, clean it thoroughly and pack it securely. Additionally, empty and clean large gardening equipment, like lawnmowers, before transport. Sharp objects such as knives should be carefully wrapped and the box properly labeled.

If you’re uncertain about what the removal service company can transport, don’t hesitate to ask them. They’ll inform you about restricted items and offer advice on how to pack certain belongings. They may even provide an additional service for packing items that pose difficulty.

Packing Important Documents

Ensure to pack all important documents, such as insurance papers, wills, house deeds, passports, etc., in one box for easy access. Store this box in a secure place where it won’t get misplaced.

Additionally, consider creating electronic copies of these vital documents as a backup. You can do this easily by scanning the documents and saving them to a storage device like a USB drive or to the cloud using services such as Dropbox. This way, you can always access them when needed.

To ensure you continue receiving your mail, consider using a mail forwarding service. This allows you time to manage your mail and update your address during your spare moments to avoid missing any important correspondence.

Take Care of Your Utilities

When moving, be sure to note your final meter readings to simplify the process. If you have notes on your phone, consider taking a picture of them. Apply for new broadband ahead of time, as well as for water, electricity, and gas services.

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